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St Maccartans Primary School, Clogher


Lexia Core 5 (UK version)

Lexia is a Literacy based programme, which we use in Saint Macartan’s to help improve literacy skills for some children. It can be downloaded as an App or searched for through internet search engines. Primary 1-7 can avail of this programme. You will be prompted for the teacher email address and then children type in their own username/password.

Teacher email: amcguinness192@c2kni 

The programme focuses on foundational reading skills and a range of content that covers basic phonological awareness, through to advanced decoding skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension activities.

Lexia Strategies will help identify the needs of each student and differentiate the instructional intensity needed to accelerate reading skills development. The broad range of activities ranging from basic to advanced, allows readers of all levels to improve their skills. Exercises branch automatically, depending on the student’s ability, providing practice where needed and increasing in difficulty when the student is ready.

In Levels 1, 2 and 3, students practice the decoding and word-attack strategies necessary for automatic word recognition in context. The focus of the activities helps students to increase automatic word recognition by reinforcing phonic elements and sound symbol relationships. Students who have mastered basic skills may start at Level 4 and work on word-attack strategies for multi-syllable words as well as comprehension skills at the sentence and paragraph level. Level 5 of Strategies addresses structural analysis; students practise the more complex skills necessary for fluent reading, including prefixes, suffixes, Latin and Greek root meanings, special accents and additional sentence level comprehension.